Your Questions Answered

How do I place a commission?

You may inquire for commission openings and pricing via our email: Ptytb.Art@Gmail.com or on our Facebook page’s inbox: https://business.facebook.com/PtytbArtAtelier/. Free quotes are available upon inquiry.

Do you take accessories and props commissions?

Depending on the project, yes. Due to shipping distance and potential postal damage, we do not accept certain hard props and certain delicate accessories. We do not accept accessories commissions lower than $100. For more information, please give us an email or come chat with us via IMs, and we can discuss further if you wish to place a prop/accessories commission.

What types of costume can you make? What materials do you use?

We can make everything, from all-fabric costumes to armours. We can even design your own costume for you! Various materials are used in our creations, depending on the level of details and the client’s preference.

How long does it take per commission to be made and delivered? Do you ship worldwide?

When you come to us for a commission, you will reserve an expedited delivery slot. You will give us your deadline, and depending on our current availability, we will give you a time frame during which the costume is expected to be completed and delivered. For example, if your deadline is on the 14th of August, 2019, we will complete your costume between July 25th-August 1st, or earlier depending on your last payment to us, and ship your package out via FeDex (5-10 days delivery or 3-5 days delivery.)

We ship worldwide.

How do I place a custom commission?

If you are interested in placing a custom design, we will schedule a conversation with you via email or IMs. How you picture your designs, your preferences, the details needed, ect. will all be taken into account. Picture samples and references will be provided. When we have gathered enough information about your desired design, we will take some time (between 8-16 working days) to deliver your designs.

Custom orders from $2500 and onward will include one free sketch. Please see ORDER  for more details.

What is the payment method?

We take payments via Paypal Business.

When commissioned, 70% of the budget must be paid before we start on your costume and the rest should be paid as the costume is completed, before it is shipped out. As your commission progresses, we will send you pictures of the making of the costume. After the first payment was made, you can choose to increase your budget from the beginning to 50% completion of the costume.

Please note that your budget does not cover PayPal’s transaction fee or taxes.


If I don’t have the money on hand, how do I place hold a spot for my commission?

We do accept a minimum place holding fee of $200 and if your deadline is at least 5 months away. However, as said above, your costume will not be in production until at least 70% (or 50% depending on your payment plan) of the budget is paid.

Is there a payment plan?

We have a few payment plans to offer to our customers depending on their budget and deadline. We cannot set up payment plans if your deadline is 3 months away from the date inquired and orders lower than $500.

For orders with a waiting time of 4 months and up, and order from $700 and up, we can set up payment plans depending on your finance, which can be discussed privately via IMs.

Basic available Payment plans:

  • Place holding: A minimum fee (discussed via IMs/emails) is deposited to hold your commission slot. We will then set up the dates for follow ups and amount per transaction until everything is paid off, then shipping fee (and tax if applicable) when the commission is completed. We also offer an invoice service every 15th of the month for this package. Please note that the place holding fee IS included within the total budget!
  • 50%-20%-30%: You will deposit 50% of the total budget, then follow up with 20%, and lastly the remaining 30% + shipping (and tax if applicable) once the commission is completed.
  • 35%-35%-30: The first deposit will be 35% of the budget, then 35% follow up and then the remaining 30% + shipping (and tax if applicable) once the commission is done.

What if I want to cancel my commission after 70% of the budget was transferred?

Within 48 hours of your first payment, you may cancel the commission to receive a full refund.

After 48 hours:

  • If the costume is already in progress and you have received progress pictures: you will be charged a 70% fee of the commission total cost, as slot-booking, labour and material compensation fee, since our costumes are made-to-order, and we must buy all the materials down to a button for your commission.
  • If you reserved an opening: Your reservation fee will NOT be refunded.
  • If you have paid 20-60% of the cost: you will be charged a 20-45% fee of the commission total cost, as slot-booking and/or material compensation fee.

Please note that we offer NO REFUND for custom commissions (please see ORDER for more details).

If you are unhappy with the order in any way, we will do our best to help and alter the project for you to the best of our abilities. We do not hold accountable for damages caused by shipping services.


How do I give you my measurements if I am interested in commissioning?

As we finalised the deal and at least 50% of the agreed budget is paid, we will supply you with a detailed list of measurements needed to create your costume. You may take the measurements yourself, or have a friend/family member take them for you. A full body picture of you is also required. If you are unsure of this procedure, we can offer you step-by-step instruction via IMs or Skype.


Do you offer free quotes for costumes?

We do.

I read that some of your details are made out of hot glue. If my costume is made out of hot glue, would it melt and/or break easily?

The melting point of hot glue is approximately 120 °C (248 °F) so it will be highly unlikely for it to melt outdoor even in sunny days. When the glue dried, it will be flexible but tough as resin, can sustain rough handling and heavy weights placed onto them.

Do you have tutorial Youtube videos of your work?

We have a Youtube channel  but, unfortunately, at the moment we do not have the required equipment to film nor do we have the time to. Hopefully we can release some video tutorials in the future!

Got more questions? Don’t hesitate to send us a message.